Mike Francesa Learns Yankee Stadium Will Carry Breast Pump Stations (Audio)

WFAN’s Mike Francesa learns that Yankee Stadium will now feature breast pump stations. Let’s just say his reaction was predictable.

The Sports Pope is at it again.

We’ve heard (and seen) his many reactions to the ridiculous happenings in and around New York City sports over the years, and, now, we have one more to add the illustrious list.

Above is audio of WFAN’s Mike Francesa on Monday afternoon learning that one of the new features of Yankee Stadium for the 2017 season will be breast pump stations for expecting mothers.

Obviously, he stuck with his same schtick of, “Does anybody realize there’s a game going on?”

Sorry Mongo Nation, but nothing will ever top the time Joe Benigno took one glance at Caitlyn Jenner and felt his own eyes pop out of his head with excitement.

So, for now, you’re safe Mr. Francesa. You’d have to do or say something completely outrageous to top that one.

H/T Twitter, @RNs_Funhouse