Ben Affleck was just as surprised as you were to hear the Buffalo Bills beat the New England Patriots; drops f-bomb during SI interview.

Ben Affleck was as shocked as anyone to hear his Pats were blanked by the Buffalo Bills. In a hilarious moment, between filming an interview, Affleck can’t believe what he’s hearing when told Buffalo is on top.

Rex Ryan?” he asks incredulously. “You gotta be kidding me.”

Negative, Ben. And no one else could believe it either. The undefeated New England Patriots not only lost, they were shutout…by the Buffalo Bills. At home, no less.

Is it more hilarious that he can’t believe the Patriots are losing, or that Rex Ryan could possibly be capable of beating them? Ryan, former coach of the New York Jets, is always good for a sound byte. His penchant for winning over the media, however, hasn’t translated to his teams winning football games.

The Pats hadn’t been shutout at home since 1993 (181 games). Thankfully for Patriots fans, the Jacoby Brisset/Jimmy Garappolo bridge to Tom Brady is complete. Brady will make his return against the Cleveland Browns next week after serving his Deflategate suspension.

h/t: Sports Illustrated