New York Giants

Normally when you hear that Eli Manning leads the NFL in a statistical category, you would think it’s interceptions. But that’s not the case this year. 

The fact that Eli Manning is leading the league in completion percentage just goes to show that Ben McAdoo’s west coast offense was made for his skill set.

(And he also may have the best array of receivers that he’s ever had before)

A case could be made that if he were in McAdoo’s offense throughout his career, he would put up numbers similar to his brother Peyton.

It’s not only completion percentage in which Manning is thriving in, his numbers are better across the board.

In 34 games in McAdoo’s offense, he has thrown for 9,421 yards, 68 touchdowns, and only 29 interceptions.

Not too many quarterbacks can say they’ve thrown for that many touchdowns and have a better than 2 to 1 ratio in touchdowns to interceptions.

It’s clear for anybody to see that Manning has been a better quarterback with Ben McAdoo.

Although the Giants failed score an offensive touchdown against the New Orleans Saints, that was not Manning’s fault.

He completed 32 out of 41 passes for 368 yards on Sunday, even with Odell Beckham Jr. dropping two potential touchdowns.

Coming into this season, Manning was considered to be an MVP candidate.

While it’s way too premature to talk or think about MVP voting, if he continues to lead the league in completion percentage, and the Giants continue to win, he’ll certainly be in the MVP conversation as the season progresses.

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