Brooklyn Nets Reveal ‘Brooklyn Remix’ Uniforms For 2016-17 Season

The alternate jerseys the Brooklyn Nets released today titled “Brooklyn Remix” are why alternate jerseys should exist in sports today.

Hey, listen, I don’t care who you are or which organization you route for, these jerseys are legit.

Take a look at the photo above and the images below. When so many teams these days are getting it wrong when it comes to alternate jerseys, the Brooklyn Nets just put one in the win column for the alternate jersey category.

The jersey even has a name.

The “Brooklyn Remix” jerseys will be worn 12 times during the 2016-17 NBA campaign. The first time that it’ll be worn will be on Oct. 28 in their season opener.

Jeremy Lin, Chris LeVert and Chris McCullough

It’s a nice, fresh, classic look that cannot be hated on by anybody – even New York Knicks fans.

Well done Brooklyn. You got this one completely right on the money.

H/T Twitter, @BrooklynNets

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