Bo Jackson’s Tecmo Super Bowl Kia Commercial Is Best Thing Since Sliced Bread (Video)

In perhaps the greatest commercial of all time, Bo Jackson goes all Tecmo Super Bowl in this extraordinary Kia commercial.

If this isn’t the greatest commercial in the history of mankind, it’s gotta be right up there.

Check out the video above. It’s a Kia commercial featuring the one and only Bo Jackson. As you already know, the multi-talented athlete not only played a ridiculous center field for the Kansas City Royals but dominated on the football field as the tailback for the Los Angeles Raiders.

The time he happened to play for the Raiders came when perhaps the greatest sports game was unleashed on little kids addicted to smashing buttons: Tecmo Super Bowl.

Bo was unstoppable in the game, and taking a queue from that dominance is Kia who implemented unstoppable Bo in this phenomenal ad.

H/T YouTube, Kia

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