The New York Jets wrapped up their preseason against the Philadelphia Eagles. It was certainly an ugly end to the exhibition portion of the season. 

Thank God that is over. Watching preseason football can definitely be torturous, and the New York Jets made it feel that way last night.

Seriously, they should make hostages watch Week 4 preseason football to get them to talk. It would be far better than some other methods.

The action on the field was brutal for both sides. Here’s what we can take away from the Jets’ perspective:

Robby Anderson Did It Again

After three consecutive solid weeks, could Robby Anderson do it again in the finale? Well, he reeled in a 44-yard touchdown reception, his third of the preseason.

He has to be up there with 2009 David Clowney for the most impressive performance by a no-name WR in the preseason, at least in recent memory.

If you ask me, he’s done enough to make this football team. Luckily, the Jets have good depth at the WR position, which is always needed.

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Bryce Petty’s Injury Could Help The Jets

The Jets definitely would’ve liked to see more out of Bryce Petty in tonight’s game, but his injury could actually help the team out. The QB position is one of the biggest question marks at the moment.

What they could do is put Petty on IR so they don’t have to carry four quarterbacks, saving a roster spot in the process. Obviously, you’re not rooting for him to be injured, but his shoulder issue would give the Jets an excuse to put him on IR.

Hackenberg Showed His Weaknesses

Not a good night from Jets rookie Christian Hackenberg. He went 11-for-31 passing, totaling just 54 yards with a pick six. Not exactly something to write home about.

Hackenberg still looks very raw. It’s too soon to throw in the towel on him over a couple of preseason games but he has a long way to go before he is NFL ready.

What he needs is the clipboard and a baseball cap. He has to follow Ryan Fitzpatrick around and learn everything he possibly can this year. Then, maybe next year the Jets can reevaluate and see if he’s ready.

Jace Amaro Is Playing Himself Out Of A Roster Spot

Jace Amaro has not lived up to any expectations placed on him. He’s looked brutal in the preseason. He had another fumble tonight in a big spot and has been a non-factor for the Jets. The lack of a true tight end is a bit concerning.

The Jets had a strong offense last year but that’s one area that they could have improved on. Perhaps they are better suited spreading teams out with wide receivers and using running backs out of the backfield in the passing game instead of the more traditional route.

The Lack Of Offensive Line Depth

The Jets need to pray nobody goes down with an injury on the offensive line. The lack of depth comes as a shock. In addition to Hackenberg stinking up the joint, the Jets offensive line had a brutal night.

The Eagles were able to get pressure by rushing just four. The starters should be just fine as it’s just a matter of injuries. Ryan Clady has been pretty injury prone in his career, so you would be holding your breath if he or anyone else missed time.

In 10 days we get to see real football. The Jets finished with a 1-3 record in the preseason. Next up is a daunting first six games which can very well define Gang Green’s season. Buckle up, Jets fans, it’s almost time for takeoff.

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