New York Giants' Landon Collins Loses 12 Pounds By Giving Up Oreos 2
William Hauser, USATSI

Landon Collins of the New York Giants picked an interesting way to lose some weight.

We all have our vices. For some, it is pizza or fast food. For others, it is sweets like ice cream and cake. For New York Giants’ second-year safety Landon Collins, his vice is a food we all know and love.

Collins isn’t known for his deep coverage skills but has made a name for himself by laying a lick or two on a receiver. This season, he has come into camp 12 pounds lighter, dropping to 216 from his rookie weight of 228 pounds. An NFL player is expected to keep his body and fitness level in tip-top shape.

Collins credits a tweak in his eating habits to the weight loss.

So what did Collins give up? Oreos. He recently was quoted saying: 

“Oreos. Vanilla Oreos. That was my biggest weakness. A whole pack in a least an hour and a half. You have to change your eating habits. My eating habits last year were worse than they are now.”

You can credit a year in the NFL to Collins’ new diet approach.

Coming out of college, he was still a kid and came from a level of football in which he dominated. He quickly learned that the NFL is a profession requiring not only the extra work but proper body treatment.

Collins has made Giants safeties coach Dave Merrit proud:

“Landon is taking care of his body. I think he’s down to 7 percent body fat – don’t quote me on that. I told him if you want to become one of the elite safeties in the league, you’re going to have to at least get between 212 and 216 (pounds). He texted me this morning ‘Coach. I am at 216.’ I said ‘Great. Keep it up.’”

The 22-year-old will be a big part of a much-improved defense Jerry Reese constructed for the Giants. Fans of the New York Football Giants should be excited to watch a slimmer and more professional No. 21 on the field this season.

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