New York Jets’ Geno Smith Wears ‘Zero Friends’ Hat (Photo)

While fighting for his job as a New York Jets quarterback, Geno Smith wore a hat that said “Zero Friends.” Not exactly a good look.

Isn’t it ironic that the quarterback who is so difficult to like wears a hat that says, “Zero Friends” on it? I looked it up and found that “Zero Friends” is actually a brand, but how great does it look to wear that during a press conference?

It starts with the fans. They boo him before he even takes a snap on the field, and in the preseason no less.

I also don’t think it was a coincidence that no one came to his rescue last year when IK Enemkpali broke his jaw. He’s not extremely well-liked in the locker room, so “Zero Friends” is probably a good representation of his relationship with the team.

He’ll be the first to wonder why he can never seem to win over the team or the fanbase. Stuff like this probably has something to do with it. You just can’t make this stuff up.

I still think the Jets carry four QBs this year, but after this year Geno will be gone. And I don’t think anyone will miss him all too much.

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  1. I think, for Geno, the situation is clear and there is no reason to try to win over anyone. He’s stuck for one more year because neither Petty nor Hack is ready, but who wouldn’t be dying to get out if they were in his situation. He’s supposed to sit and keep his mouth shut and, it seems to me, that is what he is doing.

  2. Since the locker room incident, he has done a good job (overall). It comes down to play on the field. He’s just not a starting caliber QB. The ONLY way he’d be able to win over the fanbase (after that incident), is to dominate on the field…and that won’t happen.

  3. The Jets have a loser karma – plain and simple. Geno Smith is a good QB but the NY sports writers and some fans refuse to give him a fair shot. They may come to regret this small-minded behavior. When he does well with another team, he may return to take his revenge like Rex Ryan last season. Who will these fans boo then — Coach Bowles? The ever sorry Jets get what they deserve.