New York Jets Did Not Allow Geno Smith To Speak With Mike Francesa
Noah K. Murray, USATSI

An already interesting Geno Smith situation just got a little bit more tasteful as the New York Jets restricted him from speaking live on WFAN.

From getting booted to a backup quarterback role with the signing of Ryan Fitzpatrick to saying he was “pissed off” with his step back, Geno Smith has had an interesting offseason into training camp.

Now, his situation with the New York Jets just became more interesting.

With the emergence of Bryce Petty in Week 2 of the preseason, there is speculation as to whether Smith will even land the backup job. Competition aside, the organization — according to Mike Francesa — did not allow Geno to speak on Francesa’s WFAN 5.5-hour sports radio afternoon drive program, which he is hosting live from Jets camp.

Francesa mentioned live on the air that the only player the Jets did not give him access to was Smith.

This will just increase the amount of buzz surrounding the 25-year-old, who was possibly blocked off as a precaution.

Hey, you honestly cannot blame them. He has not displayed any ability to handle the spotlight.

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