New York Rangers Fans Get Heated With Matt Beleskey
Ed Mulholland, USATSI

Matt Beleskey and New York Rangers fans got heated last night following a questionable remark.

The New York Rangers were the victor of the Jimmy Vesey battle and the Blueshift faithful was more than thrilled with the deal.

However, some were not as enthusiastic.

Matt Beleskey took to Twitter to let Vesey, and all of New York, know how he feels.

There must have been something in the water last night because RangersTown went berserk on the 28-year-old left wing.

They launched an all-out assault on Beleskey for his endearing remark toward Vesey and his preference of an NHL team.

In theory, the battle between Beleskey and Rangers fans looked a lot like a fight that took place between rising defenseman Dylan McIlrath and the Bruin himself, with Rangers fans coming out on top.

He signed off last night with a positive look on how Rangers fans went about displaying their opinions.

The price of tickets will more than likely go up in price for the battle between the Rangers and the Bruins on October 26.

‘Original Six’ matchups are always fun, but the level of intensity just sky rocketed.

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