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Why The New York Jets Will Make The Playoffs

Todd Bowles 2.0

Following the absolute circus which Rex Ryan created, having Todd Bowles at the helm was a polar opposite.

Almost never showing emotion, the first-year head coach stayed within himself and proved that he is one of the better football minds in the game today. Sure, there were some large hiccups early on which arguably cost the Jets a few victories and, therefore, a playoff spot.

That being the case, tying his youth as a head coach to the team’s overall performance is utter nonsense. New York does not go 10-6 without Bowles.

Now, in his second year, he has been through the long haul once and knows exactly what to expect. Bowles is a man of adjustments, and expect him to implement them both on himself and the team.

Having him leading the charge is essential if the Jets want to replicate, or go beyond, what they did last season. With a slate of returning players, he has now formed relationships and understandings with each individual.

Always undermining the substantiality of certain games, do not think for a second that Bowles does not live for success just as much as his players. Think of it in a different and unique way: he has the exact coaching mindset you want.

He does not stand at a podium prior to Week 1 proclaiming his team a champion, but he rather takes a “one game at a time” mentality. That is the approach of a winner.

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