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Why The New York Jets Will Make The Playoffs

Veteran Leadership & Chemistry

As the Jets proved late last year, an experienced team meshing at the same time is quite the brand of football to watch. Sitting at 5-5 with any playoff hopes in doubt, Gang Green ran off five straight convincing wins to improve to 10-5 heading into the season’s final week.

Why? Leadership, camaraderie, ultimate chemistry, and the distinct trait of knowing each other’s tendencies.

Above all, Ryan Fitzpatrick. He may not be the most skilled quarterback. In fact, he is probably in the bottom half of the league as far as skill set goes.

However, he knows how to get the job done and form a dynamic set with veteran offensive personnel. It is not only Fitzpatrick knowing each tendency. Everyone from the veteran linemen to the wideouts know what the 33-year-old has in store on a given day or night.

If Matt Forte can form that same chemistry with his teammates out of the backfield, the “been there, done that” nature of the team will only skyrocket.

This is a factor few teams can say they truly have, and it is one that will follow an experienced team into the 2016-2017 campaign.

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