New York Jets: The Jace Amaro Effect
Robert Deutsch, USATI

Jace Amaro who missed all of last year due to injury will have a big impact on the 2016 season for the New York Jets.

As a rookie in 2014, Jace Amaro showed flashes of being a productive tight end with the New York Jets. Unfortunately due to injury, Amaro was unable to play in the 2015 season, thus leaving a pretty big hole at the position.

Kellen Davis and Jeff Cumberland tried to fill the void at the position. The two combined for just eight receptions on the season.

Despite a nonexistent TE position, the Jets offense flourished in 2015. With the addition of Matt Forte out of the backfield and the return of Jace Amaro the Jets offense has potential to be even better this year.

Some will argue, considering Chan Gailey doesn’t utilize TEs in his system, that the Jets would be better off spreading the field with receivers instead.

Those who argue this are sorely mistaken.

When Ryan Fitzpatrick was with Chan Gailey in Buffalo, they were able to utilize the TE position as a regular part of their offense. Tight End Scott Chandler had 12 receiving touchdowns in two years under Gailey with Fitz at the helm.

All I’ve heard so far this training camp is how impressive Amaro has been. The addition of a legit TE threat can only help this Jets offense.

Obviously, everyone looks to the outside with Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker, as they should because the two had phenomenal seasons last year. The only issue from last year is the Jets had minimal help with “check downs.”

Later in the year, Bilal Powell started to get involved in the receiving game out of the backfield but the Jets were lacking consistency in that area. With the additions of Forte and Amaro, the Jets offense gains two more quality options that the opposing defense is going to have to prepare for.

The Jets schedule is no easy task this year. In order for the Jets to have a shot they are going to have to spread the ball around offensively against the quality defensive teams they are facing, instead of just looking to Marshall and Decker.

On paper the Jets only increased the offensive potential. Only time will tell if the additions will translate to a better offense on the field.

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