New York Jets fans are starting to get crazy. They’re starting to actually believe the posturing coming from the team regarding Geno Smith.

Not only has it started to get crazy out there, it’s becoming beyond anything comprehensible.

Many New York Jets fans actually believe Geno Smith provides their team with a better chance to win. Many believe he’s a better option over Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Yes, that’s right. Many fans have quoted the words “Geno is better” and/or “Fitz is a bum.”

Could it simply be attributed to the idea they believe Fitz is money hungry? Sure. Many fans who cheered the man on to 31 touchdown passes a season ago have turned sour simply because he remains unsigned.

They feel burned because the 33-year old is asking for starting quarterback money. Meanwhile, Mike Maccagnan and Woody Johnson (the multi millionaire) walk away scot-free in the minds of these very same fans.

These fans claim generalities such as “in Mac we trust” and feel as though any QB can get the job done with Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker and Chan Gailey.

What I ask, on this day, is for yourself to actually challenge yourself. Think more intelligently and put the clues together in an attempt to reach the real truth. Ponder what has transpired not only last season and this past offseason, but what went down during Geno’s first two seasons starting in the NFL.

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Once done, it’s easy to see the truth.

The Jets simply don’t have much faith in Geno.

You could try to argue differently, but your attempts will be futile. Sure, perhaps the Jets would go to battle with Smith as the starter in 2016. It doesn’t mean they’d feel good about it.

Here are the undeniable reasons Mike Maccagnan and the New York Jets have little faith in Geno Smith as the starting quarterback:

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