Predicting The New York Jets 53-Man Roster: Keeping Four QBs

Julie Jacobson, AP
Julie Jacobson, AP

How the New York Jets final 53-man roster gets assembled is an interesting project considering many situations, including the quarterback.

It’s sort of like a Rubik’s Cube.

Constructing a 53-man National Football League roster may seem easy – mainly because of that rather large number of 53 – but it’s not. On the contrary, it’s quite difficult. It’s extremely challenging.

Only a rough outlined sketch of the roster could be drawn up during the spring time fun activities of voluntary OTAs and mandatory minicamp. Things change at the drop of a hat in this league.

Then, suddenly, training camp comes.

The hot August creates incredible injuries and absurd storylines in and around the locker room. Come to think of it, the New York Jets will have extraordinary storylines this August (thank you Mike Maccagnan and Ryan Fitzpatrick).

Nonetheless, this is the NFL and Fitz or no Fitz, stuff will go down during training camp. Thus, Mikey Mac will need to put forth his best Rubik’s Cube effort with his Jets.

Here’s ESNY’s best stab at predicting the New York Jets 53-man roster once training camp officially breaks up:

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