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Mike Francesa Offers Solution To Improve Pace Of MLB Games

Mike Francesa gave his take regarding improvements to improve MLB’s pace of play issues. It wasn’t his best idea.

Mike Francesa has an idea! Let’s tell pitchers they can only throw over to a base one time. That’ll surely make games go by faster.

To Mike’s credit, he’s not wrong. Technically, that would lessen the time from pitcher to batter with runners on base.

The only issue being, runners would be allowed to take as big of a lead as they like. Heck, they might as well walk to the next base after they are checked on.

It certainly wasn’t one of Mike’s better moments. This comes shortly after he forgot that he pegged Mark Trumbo as a potential MVP candidate.

We know Mike is leaving WFAN after his contract expires in 2017, but sheesh, we’ve come to expect better from the New York “Sports Pope.”

Then again, are you really that surprised?

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