Physical Tools

Stronger arm? Check.

Better athlete? Check.

Faster? Check.

In just about every physical category, Geno Smith trumps Ryan Fitzpatrick. This is what made the kid from West Virginia a possible first-round (eventual second-round) draft pick in 2013.

The kid is dripping with QB talent. It’s evident through watching how perfect his balls are. (Yes, I did just say that.)

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Geno throws a pretty ball. Much prettier than Fitz’s weak-tossing ducks, in fact. And if Smith turns out to be the Jets QB this September, Chan Gailey can tweak the offense to include many more 40+ yard routes.

It’s no secret Gaily loves three and four wide receiver sets. Many call his tendencies that of a spread offense, but it’s technically not. It’s nowhere near the traditional spread offense you see collegiate squads racking up 50+ points with on Saturdays.

Gailey’s spread offense is a very finely tuned, quick reacting offense that features a ton of three-step drops. Geno’s presence would change this in a way that could stretch a field more than Fitz could ever dream of.

At the same time, though, Geno would have to have everything further organized in his head when precision and timing is necessary.

Nevertheless, he showed a quick-judging, flick-of-the-wrist long-ball ability during the last week of 2014 when he threw three touchdowns and a perfect QB rating of 158.3 in a win over the Miami Dolphins. It was the second consecutive season Geno finished the season strong against Miami, despite the Jets already haven been out any postseason relevancy.

Here was one of the encouraging plays from that day. With a motioning Bilal Powell flanking left and a no back set, the Fins came with a six-man rush. Geno appropriately found the busted coverage near Decker on the wheel route for a 74-yard TD:

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