New York Jets Allowed Beast Status To Rule The Day Regarding Muhammad Wilkerson

Ryan Fitzpatrick Is Now More Possible

According to Steve Serby of the New York Post:

NFL salary cap expert ‬Joel Corry suggests Wilkerson’s 2016 cap relief deal could free up cap room for a one-year deal with Ryan Fitzpatrick because the Jets had $3.425 million of space before the deal.

Exactly how much money is freed up thanks to the Wilkerson deal remains to be seen. What we’re sure of, though, is that money will, more than likely, be freed up for the short term.

Yes, when big money deals are signed, guaranteed money hits home after a few seasons and cripples the salary cap. However, depending on the escalation of the deal, the first year or two of a five or six year deal will immediately free up extra cap space.

That $3.425 million of cap space most definitely just grew. This means Ryan Fitzpatrick returning in 2016 is now more likely.

The idea of Fitzpatrick coming back on a long-term deal, wasn’t a real promising idea anyway. Mikey Mac might have just killed two birds with one stone.

Breno Giacomini might still need to be that cap casualty to make FitzMagic happen in 2016, but the point is, it’s even more likely that it will happen thanks to the Big Mo 5-year mega deal.

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