New York Jets Allowed Beast Status To Rule The Day Regarding Muhammad Wilkerson

It’s A Steal Of A Deal

This past offseason, the Philadelphia Eagles extended their beast of an interior defensive lineman Fletcher Cox to an absurd 6-year, $102.6 million contract.

When Cox took pen to the paper of that deal, all in Jet land thought hope was lost. How in the world would Maccagnan ever reach an agreement with Muhammad Wilkerson if the minimum threshold was set at a ridiculous $102.6?

Well, it’s happened, and what should be taken from the occurrence is that Big Mo took a lot less than he could have garnered.

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During the early stages of his career, mainstream football didn’t understand how talented Wilkerson was. After 2015 – a season that saw him set a career high 12 sacks and make his first Pro Bowl on a walk year – the secret was out.

Wilkerson is arguably the top 3-4 defensive end in football (if J.J. Watt didn’t exist).

While nobody will be crying for Big Mo, as he’s now $86 million richer, he actually deserved more when the true market is analyzed. Furthermore, his guaranteed money of $37 million is, again, far less than he could have held out for.

Much props needs to be handed out to Muhammad Wilkerson for accepting this deal.

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