New York Jets Allowed Beast Status To Rule The Day Regarding Muhammad Wilkerson

Mo, Sheldon & Leonard

The New York Jets now have three stud defensive ends locked up for the next two seasons.

Muhammad Wilkerson is under contract through 2020; Leonard Williams will be on his rookie deal until 2019; and Sheldon Williams – thanks to the Jets picking up a team option this past offseason – is under contract through 2017.

New York has three of the best. However, the problem is obvious: Todd Bowles runs a 3-4 scheme.

None of the three is big enough to play nose tackle or swift enough to shift to the edge (outside linebacker). So, obviously, one guy will always remain on the sideline in base formations. Big Mo’s versatility in playing the edge allows the three to be on the field at the same time in sub-packages.

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Still, there’s a bit of an issue here.

This is why this signing is all the more commendable.

Maccagnan threw out the sensical playbook and rewarded the most talented, hardest working Jet. This goes a long way in and around the locker room. Other players see this and suddenly realize organizational worth. They start believing they are, indeed, playing for a franchise who loves and respects the hardest working individuals.

The personnel will work itself out in the end. Get ready for a ton of 4-3 sets in 2016.

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