New York Jets Will Never Blink First When It Comes To Muhammad Wilkerson

Fletcher Cox‘s Monster Deal

If there was any glimmer of hope that Muhammad Wilkerson would magically receive a long-term deal from the New York Jets, it was completely thrown in the garbage thanks to one signature.

Fletcher Cox‘s absurd 6-year, $103 million deal erased any thought of Wilkerson remaining with the Jets long-term.

Although most in the know understand this contract is really a sham – as it’ll really amount to a 2-year, $42.9 million or 3-year, $59.7 million contract – the fact of the matter is that the money is absurd for an interior defensive lineman.

Right off the bat, should the Jets want to even approach Mo about a long-term future, they’ll have to be in ballpark of Cox’s deal.

Don’t hold your breath.