New York Jets Will Never Blink First When It Comes To Muhammad Wilkerson

Julio Cortez, AP
Julio Cortez, AP

The New York Jets best player, Muhammad Wilkerson, will not force general manager Mike Maccagnan to blink first come NFL Training Camp.

What exactly are the New York Jets right now?

They’re an NFL team coming off a very surprising 10-6 season. They’re a team who just ended spring minicamp much like every other team in the league.

Many aspects to the life of the Jets are completely normal at the moment. Unfortunately, there’s one major problem surrounding New York that is continuing to raise hell for its front office and its fans.

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The game within the game is at its highest peak for this organization.

Both Ryan Fitzpatrick and Muhammad Wilkerson – two key cogs to the Jets 10 win season a year ago – are both currently waging a salary war against the Jets.

Fitzpatrick has some wiggle room. Playing the position he plays, in quarterback, saves him. Big Mo, on the other hand, is in deep trouble.

Mike Maccagnan won’t blink first at the big boy table when it comes to negotiating a contract with his best defensive player. It’s that simple. The reasons are plentiful.

From here on out we’ll take you through these specific and unique reasons that provide Mikey Mac the obvious upper hand over Big Mo:

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