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Mike Francesa Thinks Chris Christie Is Gunning For His Job

Mike Francesa thinks that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie might be auditioning for his job. Seriously, this is not a drill. 

 Cheers to the governor.

After co-hosting the Boomer and Carton show for the second time in a few weeks, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has made a pair of auditions to land a job as the day time host on WFAN. At least, that’s what “Sports Pope” Mike Francesa thinks.

Yes, the Diet Coke king thinks the Governor of New Jersey is aiming to be his replacement when his contract expires in 2017.

Maybe Mike knows something we don’t but this sounds like mere reactive speculation at best.

Christie has often called into the morning show with Boomer and Carton, and has now co-hosted the show a couple of times. Clearly, he likes the sports talk world. He doesn’t get paid for his time calling or co-hosting and just seems to enjoy the little free time he has, on air.

Even if Christie brought in decent ratings, how are you going to hire a guy with a background in politics to host a sports talk show? Yes, he has some knowledge of the sports world, but so do you and I.

Don’t be surprised if a caller asks Francesa if he thinks Christie is coming for his job, only to get an “I never said that!” as a response.

It’s not like Mike has ever been wrong before, eh?

(H/T @RNs_Funhouse)

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