Even if you were skeptical about continuing your video game career, you’ll probably buy ‘Madden NFL 17’ after watching this trailer.

Well, another E3 season has come around again, and now, you have been given a sneak peak into the newest version of Madden.

If you were like me and thought about the continuation of not playing video games, you might be hard-pressed to follow through on that thought after glancing at this beauty of a trailer.

Check out the first official trailer for EA Sports’ Madden NFL 17 above. The graphics include a nice mix of plays, teams, stadiums, and even features a blocked field goal by Denver Broncos safety T.J. Ward to wrap it up with a pretty little bow.

Honestly, it looks phenomenal. But don’t the trailers always look phenomenal? They’re basically mini-movies used as a sales tool.

In any event, Madden season is just around the corner.

H/T YouTube, EA Sports

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