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Acclaimed Basketball Writer Seth Partnow Hired By Milwaukee Bucks


Seth Partnow, managing editor of Nylon Calculus, announced on his website that he has been hired by the Milwaukee Bucks as a consultant.

Since breaking onto the scene, Seth Partnow has become one of the most well-respected voices in the NBA media on advanced analytics. His articles have become a reference point for this writer and should be for any other worth his salt.

During his satisfying announcement Partnow assured his loyal readers that Nylon Calculus isn’t going away. He’ll stay on as editor without discussing the Bucks of course.

The beauty of Partnow’s hard work on such topics as rim protection and player usage is the simplicity in which it’s explained. Nylon Calculus is a site about advanced analytics, but it doesn’t take an advanced basketball mind to comprehend.

When Partnow appeared on an episode of the “Posting Up” podcast back in April, host Tim Bontemps wisely called him the “smartest guy in the basketball media today.”

Bontempts probably isn’t too far off. According to Partnow’s LinkedIn profile he graduated Cum laude from University of Minnesota Law School.

It was only a matter of time before an NBA team made an outside of the box hire like this. The NBA is a copycat league. Hopefully more will follow.

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