New York City FC took a gigantic step backward after a historic 7-0 defeat to the cross-Hudson rival Red Bulls.

The New York City supporters should have nothing to say after this one. In fact, they and the rest of NYCFC are probably looking for the same reset button we all hit on FIFA after we somehow go down 3-0 in a game.

The Red Bulls easily ran over NYCFC Saturday afternoon, obliterating them 7-0 at Yankee Stadium, the worst loss in the Blues’ young history and one that ends their franchise-best five-game undefeated streak with their supporters (properly) chanting “Who’s your daddy!” throughout the second half – fitting given Pedro Martinez’s famous line in the 2003 American League Championship Series against the Yankees.

It’s a good thing that this game was on FOX so the whole country can watch “Man City USA” get abolished.

But, as the headline reads, now that NYCFC has lost four in a row to the Red Bulls, including being outscored 14-2 overall in the four matches, it’s proper for the Blues to call them “Daddy.”

“It’s better to lose one game 7-0 than to lose seven games 1-0,” NYCFC head coach Patrick Vieira said after. “Before the game, I knew that we are not a perfect team and after the game I can tell you we are not the worst team.

“But I think this will be a good test to see how strong we are and how strong our team spirit is because we have to bounce back from the game.

“It was a poor game. I think we didn’t start the game the right way at all. In every aspect of the game, we were second. We didn’t do enough today.”

Much like the opening match of the Hudson Derby last year, the Red Bulls scored first, this time on Dax McCarty’s goal in the third minute. Despite the Blues trying to rally from a 1-0 hole, they created a few chances to pull an equalizer. It wasn’t until Bradley Wright-Phillips’ bicycle kick goal right in front of NYCFC goalkeeper Josh Saunders in first half stoppage time opened the flood gates.

The seven goals allowed by Saunders is the most he’s allowed since last year’s 5-1 loss at the L.A. Galaxy and the most total since he allowed six as the goalkeeper for the Galaxy against FC Dallas back on Sept. 13, 2009.

The NYCFC supporters were left quiet after their 7-0 loss to the Red Bulls Saturday. Photo by Jeff Weisinger
The NYCFC supporters were left quiet after their 7-0 loss to the Red Bulls Saturday.
Photo by Jeff Weisinger

Yet that’s still not the worst part of NYC’s historic loss. The sheer ineptitude to create anything, or, even worse, to pull the trigger and take some shots in the second half, especially when right in front of the net is the equivalent of seeing the baby brother tuck his tail and hide, hoping for the onslaught to end.

“It was crazy,” forward Khiry Shelton said. “We didn’t come out to play, as you can see from the result.”

“Any loss hurts,” Tommy McNamara said. “It doesn’t matter the game, I feel it all equally and it hurts.”

The mood in the locker room was somber and quiet, expected for a team that lost 7-0, the worst loss by any MLS team this season. However, while a 7-0 loss would’ve been bad to anyone, anytime, a 7-0 loss to your local rival who swept you last year is another story. This game will be talked about for the days, months, the rest of the season and years, decades to come. Even though there will come a time when NYCFC finally pulls off a win – whether it be this year or next year – this particular game will be talked about.

The team’s attitude coming out of the locker room is that “it’s only three points.”

Sure, in the long run, and in the meaning of life it’s just a game and it’s just three points in mid-late May. NYCFC could go on another streak (unlikely considering the next two games are at home where NYCFC can’t find a win anywhere) and regain traction, however when it comes to the end of the season, and the Red Bulls edge NYCFC for a playoff spot by two points in October, just remember: “it’s only three points.”

This was supposed to be NYCFC’s coming out party. They were the favorites going into the match, the game was the first ever MLS game on FOX and the hype (and fights) were all there. Instead of coming out with a fire, or any intensity, they simply bent over and spread the cheeks and screamed “daddy” to the Red Bulls for 90 minutes. The Red Bulls didn’t stop taking advantage of the Blues even when they went up 4-0 and 5-0, scoring their seventh and final goal in the 89th minute.

This one will sting for a while. Too bad NYCFC couldn’t pull a move in FIFA and disconnect from the game at halftime.

(By the way, the Red Bulls scored again.)

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