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Fantasy Football: Top 10 WR Heading Into NFL 2016

4. Julio Jones (ATL)

No one is ever curious who Matt Ryan is going to try to use to win the game, 100% of the time it is Julio Jones.  An almost unstoppable receiver that the Falcons traded up for to grab in the 2011 draft, Jones can make any defense pay at any given time.

With the emergence of Davonta Freeman, extra pressure is off of Julio and makes him an even more dangerous threat.

Aside from his 2013 season where he was limited to just five games because of a foot injury, Jones has been an absolute beast. 2015 one of the best seasons from a receiver you will see; 1,871 yards on 136 catches, and eight touchdowns.

With 204 targets last season, Jones is sure to continue and get his looks from Matt Ryan.  The only concerning thing is, was Freeman a flash in the pan, can Ryan be consistent enough to help Julio put up big numbers, and can the defense do enough to help the offense stay on the field more?

If all of those things work out Julio has every chance to be the best receiver in the league, but the Falcons have been an inconsistent mess over the years and are starting to waste away a tremendous talent in Jones.

Even with a Falcons team that doesn’t seem to give any reason to fear them, Julio Jones remains the constant player to fear every single game.

Prediction: 115 Catches – 1680 Yards – 9 Touchdowns

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