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Fantasy Football: Top 10 WR Heading Into NFL 2016

8. Jordy Nelson (GB)

Last year couldn’t have had more football and fantasy football fans pleading for the NFL preseason to be shortened to two games when top receiver Jordy Nelson went down with a torn ACL and missed the entire 2015 season.

That is the last injury that any fantasy owner wants to see to a player that they more than likely spent a first or second round pick on.  Especially when it is a player that has the production Nelson has had when healthy.

When Jordy manages to stay on the field, he is an absolute fantasy monster and very tough receiver for defenses to cover.  He has very nice breakaway speed and incredible hands.  He is also Aaron Rodgers favorite target (151 targets compared to Cobb’s 126 in 2015), which is a very good person to pick you as his favorite.

Since 2011 Nelson has managed more than 1,250 yards, barring 2012 when he had a hamstring injury that caused him to miss four games (yet still managed seven touchdowns) and nagged at him throughout the season.

2014 was his career year amassing 1,519 yards on 98 catches and hauling in a ridiculous 13 touchdowns to go along with those already eye-popping numbers.

I expect more of the same for the Kansas State product, but for a guy coming into his age 31 season and off of a torn ACL I can’t help but imagine a slight decline in his production. Although, Adrian Peterson proved us all wrong when he came back from his ACL injury and almost broke the rushing record.  Let’s hope that Nelson can do the same for his respective position.

Prediction: 90 Catches – 1,150 Yards – 9 Touchdowns

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