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Fantasy Football: Top 10 WR Heading Into NFL 2016

2. DeAndre Hopkins (HOU)

The Houston Texans may not be the most imposing offense that defenses will face in games, but they will definitely know who DeAndre Hopkins is when the game is over.

Obviously it is insane to include two AFC South players in the top three, but the division is currently building some solid teams that are going to change things up this coming season or the season to follow.

Hopkins, even on a bad Texans team that squeaked into the playoffs last season, is only getting better going into his fourth season and is working his way into elite status.

2015 saw the Texans run a quarterback carousel with four different starters, and countless swaps throughout the season at the position.  DeAndre still managed to light up the stat sheet with 111 catches for 1,521 yards, and 11 touchdowns.  Not one of those quarterbacks was known for being that great either (Hoyer, Mallet, Weeden, and Yates).

The Texans went out and signed top free agent signal-caller Brock Osweiler in the offseason in hopes that it would solve their QB dilemma and enhance the offense at the same time.  DeAndre has to be excited to have someone who more than held his own in his games with the Broncos, come over and throw him the ball in Houston.

Hopkins can clearly put up the numbers when he is on the field regardless of who throws him the ball.  The guy has a ridiculously high ceiling and will only continue to get better.  If Osweiler can pan out and be what the Texans are paying him to be, Hopkins should see even more of a spike in his offensive output.

Prediction: 125 Catches – 1,875 Yards – 13 Touchdowns

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