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Fantasy Football: Top 10 Tight Ends Heading Into 2016

Jack Dempsey/AP Photo
Jack Dempsey/AP Photo

NFL Fantasy Football is fast approaching, and Elite Sports NY has a 2016-2017 Top 10 list for each offensive position. First up, Tight Ends.

By Dustin Shull

There is no greater feeling than knowing that the NFL season is on its way yet again.  Except for the feeling of Fantasy Football.

One of the most popular things to do these days is play fantasy sports, and with the emergence of Daily Fantasy Football, it has blossomed into an even greater gambling alternative.

The ups and downs that come along with fantasy football are what makes it so addicting and hard to avoid once you get started with it.

Throughout the week, the struggle to put together an optimal lineup while dealing with surprise injuries, bye weeks, players being benched, and whatever other chaos that may arise tear us apart and eat at every ounce of sanity that we have.

Football fans, of course, love to watch their favorite teams, favorite players, or just love the game so much they don’t care who is playing. The hardcore fans that want more than just the one game that their team of choice plays, can join as many fantasy leagues as desired and make every single game important to them.

Whether it is pulling for someone on your fantasy team to score that one touchdown you need to pull out a huge victory or watching your opponents player to make sure he isn’t the one who catches that very same touchdown that you are after.

Yes, every year we claim that we are never playing again because of a forgettable season or we rub it in our friend’s faces without mercy and promise a repeat of the domination you cast on the league all year.

Either way, to get you prepared for your drafts early, Elite Sports NY has four top 10 lists of the best offensive position players in the league for the 2016-17 season. Let’s get started with who we see as the top 10 tight ends for the upcoming fantasy season.

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