New York Giants Decide To Stick It To The NFL ‘Team’ Who Plays In Washington

In not so subtle fashion, the suits who run the organization that is the New York Giants decided to stick it to the team who plays in D.C.

File this one under the category of “oops, perhaps we shouldn’t have done that.”

In revealing their team’s 2016 NFL schedule, the New York Giants official Twitter account, of course, released one of their beautiful graphics in effort to inform everybody.

Oddly enough, the tweet listed all opponents by team nickname. All, except one.

Instead of the word “Redskins,” the Giants Twitter account used “Washington.”

Of course, there still is much controversy surrounding the team’s name. So, the omitting of the name quickly blew up the internet.

Strangely enough, however, just a few hours later the Giants released this tweet, actually using the word “Redskins”:


H/T Twitter

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