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Fantasy Baseball: Hottest Week 2 Waiver Wire Additions

Eugenio Suarez (SS-CIN)

Replacing Todd Frazier after the amazing season he had in 2015 is not something that is as simple as plugging in a 24 year old infielder that you received in a trade two years prior and expecting the same results, right?

Suarez might not be the same player as Todd Frazier by any means, but you can’t deny the production that he is giving this Reds team in this young season. In almost 400 plate appearances (14 HR, 48 RBI, .280 BA) in the 2015 season, Suarez did more than prove that he is a viable enough option to make the Reds comfortable with trading away Frazier.

Thus far in seven games played, Suarez has four homers, nine runs batted in, and is hitting .370. It is also important to note that he has only struck out twice in 30 chances at the dish. Suarez also hits in one of the most batter friendly ballparks in the game, making him a viable option in any fantasy baseball format.

Unrealistic to expect Frazier-like numbers from Eugenio, but it is definitely encouraging that to this point he has done nothing to make anyone reconsider owning him in their league. He isn’t going anywhere anytime soon so get him on your team if you can.

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