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Fantasy Baseball: Week 1 Stock Up, Stock Down

Stock Down

Mike Trout

Do not panic with Mike Trout‘s start to the 2016 season. However, that doesn’t mean those who (more than likely) took him with the first overall pick cannot be upset with him right now.

Some of the greatest hitters tend to start the season slow and then catch fire, which I believe will be the case for Mr. Trout.

As of now he his batting .211 with no home runs and zero runs batted in. After going 0-8 in his first two games, he is 4-11 in his last three and should continue to build on that.

The concerning thing is that of his first 19 plate appearances, he has struck out six times.

Trout, many people’s choices for MVP, will undoubtedly catch fire and put up the numbers that we are all used to seeing. For now though, this start is disappointing and is definitely not making any fantasy baseball owner happy.

Again, there is no way that a guy of Trout’s caliber will continue this dismal play, so just hang in there and be patient.

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