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Fantasy Baseball 2016: End Of Year Award Predictions

Offensive Player of the Year:

Mike Trout

Now I know what you are probably saying, “Of course you go with Trout, that’s the easiest one to call.”  Yes, that is how I felt when I decided to go with Trout, but how do you not?

The man is a five-tool athlete in a sport where these guys are so rare.  In his first four full seasons Trout has compiled an unthinkable resume; four All-Star Games, one MVP while respectively finishing second the other three, Rookie of the Year, and Silver Sluggers each of those four.

With those four seasons plus limited action in 2011, Trout has put up numbers that some would say are unreal and should not happen in that short amount of service.  He has hit 139 homers, 397 runs batted in, 175 extra-base hits, 113 base robberies, and all of that to the tune of a .302 batting average.

I know this is an offensive category, but I will also throw in the fact that the guy can flat-out play defense.  With his incredible speed and range added to his freakish athletic ability, he has made some of the most amazing plays and taken away plenty of hits and home runs.  Most notably robbing Jesus Montero of a dinger by jumping, hanging on the wall, and snagging the ball from its destination beyond the field of play.

Definitely be excited if you were able to draft Trout or had him as a keeper because he is going to be a force yet again this season.


Carlos Correa, Bryce Harper, Josh Donaldson

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