New York Jets

With quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick still a free agent, New York Jets head coach Todd Bowles is letting everyone know that everything will be OK.

By Ryan Daly

Relax New York Jets fans, you heard the coach: “We’ll be OK.”

No need to worry, as head coach Todd Bowles, general manager Mike Maccagnan, and the Jets front office have things under control.

This is what many Jets fans are feeling after it’s been revealed that Bowles had a special message for star wide receiver Brandon Marshall, via Rich Cimini at ESPN New York.

Running into his coach at an event, B-Marsh was told those three little letters of “we’ll be OK,” concerning the Jets current quarterback situation.

What does coach Bowles mean when he says that the Jets are going to be OK?

For all we know he could have no idea as to what is going on between the front office and Fitzpatrick’s agent. Bowles could just be downplaying the issue to keep wide receiver Brandon Marshall quiet about this situation.

Hopefully this is not at all what coach means.

Hopefully coach Bowles knows a lot more then everyone else.

Finding a quarterback in the NFL is very difficult task, and he knows that without a quarterback, he won’t last long as a head coach.

Quarterbacks do not grow on trees and he knows, because i’ts been proven that he can win with Fitzpatrick.

Hopefully Bowles does not think the Jets will “be ok” with Geno Smith at quarterback. If the Jets are planning to not sign Fitzpatrick and move forward with Smith, New York could potentially have a long and dreadful season.

The standoff continues between Jets and free agent Fitzpatrick. Maccagnan is holding strong against Fitz and his agent.

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