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Wrestlemania 32: Shane McMahon Steals The Show With Leap From Hell In A Cell (Video)

Shane McMahon has stolen the show at ‘Wrestlemania 32’ thanks to this daredevil leap from the top of the Hell in a Cell.

Shane McMahon is always one to make sure he does something to get a “holy crap,” or “this is aweseome” chant from the crowd at WWE events.

That’s why what happened on Sunday night should be a surprise. This year at Wrestlemania 32, Shane pulled out his inner Mick Foley and leaped from the top of the 20-foot structure known as Hell In a Cell.

The only issue was that The Undertaker rolled out of the way in time for Shane-O-Mac to plummet to the ground and smash through the table leaving debris and wreckage around him.

Everyone knew that something crazy was bound to happen since McMahon is known for stunts. These stunts have never limited to

  • Jumping from the titantron smashing an elbow drop into the chest of The Big Show.
  • Being thrown from the titantron by Steve Blakmon.
  • His vintage Coast-to-Coast move jumping from one turnbuckle to the other smashing a trash can into his opponent’s face.

Clearly this was the show stealing moment of Wrestlemania 32, by far.

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