Follow along with ESNY as we bring you flashbacks from Mike & The Mad Dog all day including a live stream of their reunion at Radio City Music Hall tonight.

Jeff Van Gundy is the last full guest.

His first story revolves around Xavier McDaniel and Anthony Mason throwing haymakers at each other at one of Pat Riley’s first practices.

NBA Finals talk. Francesa believes the Golden State Warriors will break the NBA regular season wins record. Russo is calling a Cleveland-Golden State rematch in the finals.

After Valentine the two move their attention to The Masters. Each selects three guys as their favorites.

  • Phil Mickelson, Dustin Johnson and Jordan Spieth for Francesa
  • Jason Day, Adam Scott, and another for Russo

Next guest is Bobby Valentine.

Francesa and Bobby remember a rager of a fight in Valentine’s office:

Next question: What are the odds the duo would ever team-up to do a regular show again? What is Mike’s response? …after a Joe Benigno crack or two? …

And then comes the question of the night: What was the biggest Mike & The Mad Dog feud? Game 6, New York Knicks-Indiana Pacers: Russo and Francesa feuded as one wanted to take a flight and Francesa didn’t, to get to the remote. The two didn’t speak for seven months, until Mike’s future wife invited Russo to his wedding.

What was the darkest/most memorable show ever?

The duo now talk about how producing their seven combined kids was the best thing they ever did – prior to moving into more questions.

After Messier, Francesa kicks it to a video providing an inside look at The Garden of Dreams.

Time for the third guest, former New York Rangers captain and 1994 Stanley Cup Champion Mark Messier. He introduces New York Knicks great John Starks and Adam Graves to speak about the Garden of Dreams Foundation:

Now we’re getting to the good stuff: Over/Unders for the 2016 MLB season. Russo goes first.

  • Russo takes the Texas Rangers over 82
  • Francesa takes the New York Mets over 89.5
  • Francesa takes the Oakland A’s under 76.5
  • Russo takes the Milwaukee Brewers under 70
  • Francesa takes Arizona Diamondbacks over 82
  • Russo takes the San Francisco Giants over 88.5
  • Francesa takes the Pittsburgh Pirates over 86.5
  • Russo takes the Chicago White Sox under 81
  • Francesa takes the Los Angeles Dodgers under 90
  • Russo takes the Kansas City Royals over 84
  • Francesa takes the Boston Red Sox under 87.5
  • Russo takes the New York Yankees under 84.5

After Mike and Chris field some pre-designed questions, they bring on their next guest: former New York Yankees manager Joe Torre:

Free agent quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick spotted in the audience:

First guest on the docket tonight? Former New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin.

The show has begun folks. It started with a short clip featuring a few notable sports celebrities.

KFC from Barstool Sports gives us this shot:

Most of Mongo Nation is already seated (obviously):

Now we’re starting to get to the good stuff. WFAN is starting to hit on stuff like George Steinbrenner in 1990, the New Yankee Stadium debate, and Phil Rizzuto.

As it relates to New Yorkers, they need no introduction.

They’ve been a part of the fabric of this hustling town for nearly 20 years.

We, of course, are talking about Mike Francesa and Chris Russo, the duo who formed Mike & The Mad Dog on WFAN Sports Radio 660 for 19 years in New York City.

Their dominance and popularity have spurred on no competition as it relates to the greatest voices in the station’s history. Obviously, these two rank at the top.

Their dominance and popularity have, however, created much drama surrounding their partnership.

Many thought the loud, obnoxious voice could never get along with the smooth, city-talking curmudgeon.

Those many were wrong – up until 2008 when the two split officially.

Russo bolted for National stardom with Sirius/XM and Francesa stayed local. Despite their new-found solo careers though, they remain as popular as ever (as the term Mongo Nation rings a bell).

Today, Wednesday, Mar. 30, will be special one for New York Sports fans, for it marks the day Mike & The Mad Dog reunite in Radio City Music Hall for their special three hour reunion show.

Follow along with us all day and night as we’ll bring you past Mike & The Mad Dog clips (currently also being aired on WFAN), up until the big event at 8 PM ET tonight.

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