Fantasy Baseball: 10 Breakout Players For 2016

Joey Gallo

One of the best hitters in the minors, Gallo blasted 40 homeruns in 2013 and bested that in 2014 by hitting 42.

He debuted for the Texas Rangers last season and displayed the power he had been flashing in the minors right away. He homered, drove in four runs, and crossed the plate three times.  He struggled to stay consistent throughout his time with the Rangers and strikes out a little more than one would like, but the talent is there.

If Gallo can figure out how to swing for contact more, and feel out a more consistent approach at the plate, he could easily be in the 30/100 range and could really help out your team. He will be more of a stash and wait player for now, but is bound to break out at some point.