Fantasy Baseball: 10 Breakout Players For 2016

Pedro Alvarez

Never much of an average hitter, Alvarez is still a solid 25-30 homerun and 70-80 RBI contributor.

After spending his first six seasons in Pittsburgh, he moves to the hitter friendly Camden Yards and should see those numbers achieved or better. Baltimore has plenty of pop in their lineup and adding Alvarez only makes the offense a little scarier.

The only thing that hurts Alvarez is that he is going to be in the AL East where competition can be fierce, and Boston and New York now sport two of the best all-around pitching staffs in baseball.

He should be fine though, as he will serve as the Orioles everyday DH, so wear and tear of playing the field will not be an issue.

If you miss out on a top 1B/Utility guy, you can feel pretty good snagging Pedro in the later rounds.  Some drafts may even see Alvarez go undrafted. If that is the case in your league, stash him!