Fantasy Baseball: 10 Breakout Players For 2016

Taijuan Walker

If you are like me, and I am sure you are, you took Walker early last year thinking that you were getting a top notch starter.

I now feel your pain, also feeling sorry you went through the frustration as well.

I am going to give him another shot and say this is the year he does show out and become that guy that he has been hyped up to be. As with some of the other players, Walker is only 23 and as expected he is going through some growing pains. He has top notch stuff and can be an elite fantasy pitcher.

If he can get his other pitches down and not only rely on the hard stuff, he will be the pitcher we have been wanting to see.  If this season turns out to be a repeat of 2015, I promise he will be left off of this list next year.

We can only wait so long for him to achieve his potential.