Peyton Manning, Cam Newton, and even Lady Gaga get the “Tecmo Super Bowl” treatment from The Cauldron as they recreate Super Bowl 50.

For those in their 30s and above, you’ll watch this video and simply say one word: phenomenal.

Check out what the good folks over at The Cauldron recently did. They took the results of Super Bowl 50 and morphed it into a Tecmo Super Bowl recreation.

Seen can be the likes of Peyton Manning, Cam Newton, and even Lady Gaga as she belts out her wonderful rendition of the National Anthem.

Obviously, for those diehard Tecmo Super Bowl players back in the day, this recreation isn’t perfect. In fact, for those nuts (like myself) who played for hours on end as a little one, it’s far from perfect.

But damn did they do a bang up job for what they had available.

Simply stellar.

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