Mike Francesa adamantly proclaimed that Yoenis Cespedes would not return to the New York Mets. But New York’s “Numbah 1” couldn’t ever be wrong, could he?

We love you, Mike. However, the gold you provide us with during your shows is just too good not to talk about.

Before Yoenis Cespedes resigned with the New York Mets, there was plenty of doubt he’d be wearing a new uniform for the fifth time in five years. Francesa, of course, was amongst the popular opinion that a Queens reunion was not in the cards.

Let’s give some credit to the Mets faithful who clamored and yearned for the return of the star Cuban. Your voices were heard, not only by Mets brass, but by the New York sports pope, too. Mike may not have agreed with your beliefs that Cespedes’s return was possible, but here we are.

We’ll be sure to bring you more moments of Francesa magic as we get them. Back after ‘dis.

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