Though the Monmouth Hawks defeated the Iona Gaels in a basketball game on Friday night, it was what happened postgame that has everybody talking.

By Robby Sabo

Friday night fights. This was the term used in a plentiful way back in the day boxing ruled the world.

And although the Monmouth Hawks defeated the Iona Gaels by a final count of 110-102, this Friday night game turned into a night at the fights afterward.

Here are some of the video footage following the game, with Chris Brady being slapped by an Iona player, via Mike Rutherford of CardChronicle.com:

An assistant coach was even involved:

Many will actually argue Monmouth had it coming to them. Look at the ridiculousness that goes on on their bench during the game. They’re famously known for this absurd celebration:

Finally, Monmouth coach King Rice did this in the direction of the Iona crowd following the postgame festivities:

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