New York Mets

It seems like Jon Niese is still bitter about being traded by the New York Mets. Oh, brother. 

Cry me a river.

If one cheap shot wasn’t enough, why not another? Former Met Jon Niese continued to voice his displeasure about being traded by his former club. Fox Sports caught wind of Niese’s comments, which you can read more about, here.

The lefty stated, “It’s always a great feeling to be wanted,” speaking to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. He also added, “I’ve got that feeling here.”

Okay, Jon. We get it. You didn’t want to be traded. Remember, this is a business, and the team needs to make moves to improve the club. It’s not like the Mets dumped you for a package of Big League Chew, because Neil Walker is a fine player in his own right.

The Mets drafted you, gave you a 5 year extension for being an average pitcher, and continued to stick with you through multiple injuries. Sandy Alderson would not have traded you if he thought you held no value.

While we won’t know for sure if Niese is indirectly taking a shot at his former employer, he certainly hasn’t offered much appreciation for a franchise where he spent the last 8 seasons.

For goodness sake, the Mets are oozing with talent from their starting rotation, and they dealt from a position of power to improve the club.

Like it or not, it’s a business.

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