1. Gerardo Parra

Number one on the list is Gerrardo Parra.  Parra is a guy who would fit in great with what the Mets have.  The Mets targeted Parra at last year’s trade deadline but were unable to strike a deal with the Milwaukee Brewers.

Parra enjoyed a career year hitting .291/.328/.452.  He’s a guy who hits a lot of singles and doubles, which Citi Field is made for.

He could play left and right field which would allow the Mets to continue to only use Michael Conforto against right handed batters if they wished.  Parra is also valuable if Juan Lagares has a down year because the Mets could move Curtis Granderson to center, put Conforto in left, and Parra in right.

Parra is a career .277 hitter and is durable.  He has played 120+ games a season every year he has been in the big leagues.

He also would not break the bank like some of the other outfield options on the Market.

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