2. Bullpen help

The Mets need a few relief pitchers to really lock down their bullpen.  There are a few in house options as well as outside that would be serviceable.

Jerry Blevins

Jerry Blevins is a guy who, in his brief time with the Mets, pitched well. Unfortunately for Blevins his season was cut short with an arm injury.  Blevins would be a good fit because hes accurate, and throws strikes. Jerry is also a lefty, something the Mets could really use in the bullpen.

Since he was hurt for a majority of last season he should be relativity inexpensive, and a good fit.

Blevins owns an era of 3.53 in his nine year major league career.

Bartolo Colon

Bartolo Colon is a guy who is interested in returning to Queens for another year. Bartolo, 42 and a guy who still somehow has gas left in the tank.  At times last year Bartolo’s age showed which is why a bullpen role would be a good fit for the guy.

If Colon were to sign back he would likely fill in as a starter until Zack Wheeler returns from Tommy John Surgery.  Once Wheeler returns he would be great out of the bullpen.

Colon pitched well coming out of the bullpen in the postseason last year.

Bartolo is 218-154 in his 18 year career and has a career era of 3.97.

Steve Cishek

Steve Cishek is a guy who can bridge the gap to get to Jeurys Familia. Steve is coming off his worst year meaning the Mets could swipe him for the low.

In his career Cishek has an era of 2.81, while he struggled last year posting an era of close to four.

Cishek would be a good gamble for the Mets to take.

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