4. Power bat

Since last year Mets fans have been begging for the team to get a big bat.  They picked up one with Yoenis Cespedes, but his time in Queens was short lived. The Mets have a few options if they want to bring in another big bat.

Justin Upton

Justin Upton is a guy who could be a game changer for the Mets. Upton would fill the Mets outfield holes, and provide the bat the team has been so desperately searching for.

Upton is a career .271 hitter with 190 home runs.  He is a gap to gap hitter that likes to drive the ball, something Citi field plays well.

The biggest downfall with Upton is the price that comes with him. Unless the Mets can all of a sudden sign a $100 million dollar player the chances of the Mets signing Upton is only a dream.

Todd Frazier

Todd Frazier is a kid from Toms River, New Jersey who can play some ball.

Frazier would be a total long shot, but if the Mets really want to give the fans something to be excited about Frazier would be it.

Since Frazier is not a free agent the only way to get him would be via trade.

A trade idea proposed by Justin Boniello was that the Mets give up Zack Wheeler, Brandon Nimmo, and Gavin Cecchini in exchange for Frazier.

Possible, but unlikely.

Frazier is a career .257 hitter with some pop.  He owns 108 home runs and 324 RBIs.

Both guys would be great additions for the Mets, but it seems unlikely it happens.

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