Defense/Special Teams

Seattle Seahawks vs. San Fransisco 49ers

Stamp of Approval: The Legion of Boom has had their share of struggles this season, but matching up against a poor 49ers offense with quarterback Blaine Gabbert at the helm creates a perfect matchup for the Seahawks. What adds to their fantasy value is that Seattle is playing at home in CenturyLink Field, a place known for its hostile environment.

Week 11 will mark the second time these two teams will face off this season, the other being back in Week 7. During that week, the Seahawks limited a quarterback Colin Kaepernick led offense to only three points on the road producing a total of 13 fantasy points.

With an inexperienced Gabbert now leading the 49ers offense, and with their home fans cheering them on, except the Seahawks to repeat their Week 7 performance.

And that concludes my top five must-starts at each position for Week 11.

All the players listed above are safe starts for Week 11 and have received the stamp of approval. If you own any of the players, or have the opportunity to acquire any of them, make the move and slide them into your starting lineup. They won’t disappoint.

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