Tight End

Dallas Cowboys TE Jason Witten vs. Miami Dolphins

If you haven’t heard, Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is returning this week to lead the offense.Yes, Cowboys fans can finally rejoice and look forward to a decent outing from their team. As NFL fans know, “America’s Team” has been in a rut the past seven games due to the injury to quarterback Tony Romo.

Well now, he’s back and the Cowboys offense is expected to return to normal form, but who will benefit most from Romo’s return? The answer is Jason Witten.

In the one full game Romo played, he connected with Witten eight times for 60 yards and two touchdowns. Romo and Witten have been teammates forever now so the chemistry is definitely there.

Stamp of Approval: The Dallas Cowboys matchup against the Miami Dolphins who have had their share of struggling to guard opposing tight ends. Both New England Patriots Rob Gronkowski and Philadelphia Eagles Brent Celek burned the Dolphins defense for a combined 247 yards and one touchdown. With Romo back leading the charge, start Witten this week and expect him to produce.

Ryan Reynolds is pursuing a degree in Mass Communications with a concentration in Multiplatform Journalism at Sam Houston State University. He is an aspiring journalist and an avid sports enthusiast... it's also the only thing he watches on television.