Sell High

Green Bay Packers Wide Receiver Randall Cobb

Cobb is another player who’s letting down fantasy owners this season. The Green Bay receiver is playing with the reigning NFL MVP in quarterback Aaron Rodgers, but he just isn’t getting the amount of receptions he used to.

I have Cobb listed as a Sell High option this week because he had a stellar game against a tough Carolina Panthers defense. The 25-year old reeled in four passes for 99 yards and reached he endzone for the fifth time this season.

Cobb showed his true potential back in Week 3 against the Kansas City Chiefs, catching seven receptions for 91 yards and 3 touchdowns. My suggestion? Use Cobb’s big game to your advantage and shop him around. There has to be an owner out there in need of a receiver, or at least an owner willing to give him a chance.

Ryan Reynolds is pursuing a degree in Mass Communications with a concentration in Multiplatform Journalism at Sam Houston State University. He is an aspiring journalist and an avid sports enthusiast... it's also the only thing he watches on television.